Our Sponsors

Many business owners, property owners, institutions and residents have stepped forward to support our Downtown 2020 initiative. Each provides both financial support and volunteer support, enabling us to do more work and do it faster and smarter. We have been able to hire staff and engage outside consultants on those projects that are especially complex. We encourage you to patronize these businesses first and often as a show of appreciation for them helping to make downtown Beverly an active and dynamic place where folks want to live, visit, open their business and spend their money.

Thank you to our Downtown 2020 sponsors!

If you would like to be part of this elite group of community leaders, click here to learn how you can sponsor!

Downtown 2020 Sponsors

Steve & Darcy Immerman
Mary Grant
Miranda Gooding
Matt & Missy Ulrich
Joyce Moore
Sue Goganian
Dan Boschen & Elizabeth Sweetman


“We couldn’t have opened without the support of Beverly Main Streets. We love finally being part of downtown Beverly.”

~ John Hugo

owner | Cabot Street Books and Cards

“I live downtown and my studio is downtown, so I see how much it’s changing and it’s all for the better. More people walking and shopping, more arts and cultural activities - I love the direction it’s headed.”

~ Alyssa Watters

owner of Art | Alyssa

“It’s clear that Main Streets has had an extraordinary impact on the vibrancy of Cabot Street.”

~ Thaddeus Siemasko

partner | Siemasko + Verbridge

“We couldn’t have opened the tap room if it weren’t for Beverly Main Streets having an extraordinary vision for downtown, and then making it happen.”

~ Paul Gentile

owner (with Christen Gentile) | Gentile Brewing Company