Façade and Sign Improvement Grants

The Façade and Sign Improvement Program is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Funding is available until our 2019 pool of money runs out.

The program is designed to assist downtown property and business owners in financing upgrades to building exteriors and/or signage. The maximum award is $7,500 and must be matched 1:1 by the recipient. Award amounts are determined by the Beverly Main Streets Design Committee and the City of Beverly based on defined criteria; decisions take 4-8 weeks.

For facades, eligible upgrades include doors, windows, paint and lighting. Sign grants can help with projecting signs and other signage as appropriate. Owners may apply for both façade and sign improvements in their single application.

All projects must be approved by the Beverly Main Streets Design Committee and the City of Beverly Design Review Board (DRB) before work may start. Note that this is a reimbursement grant, meaning that recipients must pay all outstanding bills for the project, and then will be reimbursed for the grant amount.


This program has become quite competitive so the more compelling your improvements are, the better chance you have of securing a grant!

Read through the FAQs and the application BEFORE deciding if you want to apply; if you have questions AFTER you read the application and FAQs, call Gin Wallace at 978-922-8558 or email gwallace@beverlymainstreets.org.

All projects must be approved by us before you start work! Approval takes 4-8 weeks, depending on when you apply and when the next BMS and DRB meetings take place.

You must start your process with Beverly Main Streets. You cannot go to the city’s Design Review Board or start any work until Beverly Main Streets notifies you of the grant decision.

Property or business owners may apply for a Façade Improvement Grant once every 5 years. Business owners may receive funding for signage one time.

You must submit to Beverly Main Streets:

  • Completed application with all required signatures (if you don’t own the building, you’ll need the owner’s signature)
  • 1-3 high resolution color photos of the building as it looks today with nothing impeding the view (ie, cars, snowbanks, etc)
  • Perspective renderings in full color drawn by a professional architect / designer; note that signs and lighting must be shown to scale on the building
  • Paint samples of the proposed colors
  • Budget estimates on contractor letterhead (one per contractor)

So here are the steps:

  1. Decide whether you want to apply based on the application requirements and decision criteria – NOTE: Please read thru all these documents! You might learn that your project is ineligible and save yourself (and us) a lot of time!
  2. If you’re applying for façade improvements, hire an architect and have them create a full color perspective rendering of the improvements to the building (they’ll know what this is)
  3. If you’re applying for a new sign, hire a sign designer to design your new sign and have them create a full color perspective rendering of the sign itself and the sign as it will appear on the building
  4. Get paint chips of all the proposed colors you’ll be using (for façade and sign)
  5. Take the “before” photos of your building
  6. Complete the application and submit it to Gin Wallace at Beverly Main Streets; you will be notified of the Committee’s decision within 4-8 weeks.

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