Lita Xú Líng Kelley

Lita Xú Líng Kelley

I’m an artist of various forms including photography, painting, mixed media, and creating digital images of various forms and purposes, but my true heart and passion is for photography, particularly portraiture and photographs of people.  I’m also a freelance model.

I have over 12+ years of educational and professional experience in photography, television and creating various forms of digital images.   You can check out  some of my latest photography works on my Facebook page at

Although I’m more skilled as a portrait and model photographer, I am also available for community, commercial, event, editorial, & documentary photography.

Prints of my paintings, mixed media artworks and some photographs are available for purchase on my website at  I am Buddhist, so a bulk of my art work is heavily influenced by Buddha and Buddhism.

I’ve been a resident of Beverly since 2011 and I am also transgender.

I’d love to add more images here on Beverly Main Streets, but I’ve run out of patience with decreasing the file size in order to accommodate the limitations of this website, so, please visit the links provided in order to see examples of my work.